Two-room apartments in the seaside residence of the “Il Cicero” Resort

A holiday in Sicily for four people between the green of nature and the blue of the sea, ideal for holidays in a residence in Sicily on the sea for relaxation and fun.

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Three-room apartments in the seaside residence of the “Il Cicero” Resort

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Available services of the residence on the sea of the “Il Cicero” Resort


Private and equipped beach

In a residence on the sea in Sicily it certainly could not miss a private and equipped beach. That of the “Il Cicero” Resort is just 30 meters from the residence and is of sand and gravel, lapped by a crystal clear sea and with the Aeolian Islands and the Gulf of Patti on the horizon. The sea is never rough even on the most windy days and the water temperature is pleasant. The beach is equipped with original umbrellas, deck chairs, sun beds, showers and a beach volleyball, which will make your days on the beach always pleasant and relaxing.


Swimming pool by the sea

There are many residences with a swimming pool by the sea but the swimming pool of the residence on the sea of the “Il Cicero” Resort overlooks the Aeolian Islands. What better horizon can inspire long free-style swims or moments of profound regeneration in contemplation of the landscape? The pool for children is only 60 centimeters deep and guarantees safety and fun for the little ones and complete relaxation for the parents. The tub for adults is 115 centimeters deep and is equipped with a comfortable staircase for easy access even for elderly people. The size and depth of the pool make it ideal for both swimming and relaxation.


Diving Center 

Here is another flagship that only a few residences near the sea can boast. A diving center located within the “Il Cicero” Resort that provides and guarantees various activities for scuba diving enthusiasts in full comfort and maximum safety. The “Ambiente Liquido Padi diving center 5 star resort” is composed of a staff of instructors and professional escorts and is equipped with all the latest equipment, including 3 rubber boats from 6.5 to 10.5 meters. The diving center runs diving courses of all levels and organizes guided dives in the wonderful depths of the Aeolian Islands, of the Marinello Lakes and of the Gulf of Patti.


Restaurant and bar

A panoramic terrace overlooking the sea with a view of the Gulf of Patti and the Aeolian Islands. A charming and informal place where you can discover and appreciate the delicacies of Sicilian cuisine through a wide choice of dishes based on vegetables, meat or fish, or an excellent pizza. Moreover, every week, the restaurant proposes themed evenings by the pool, for the joy and curiosity of those who have a passion for the world of food. Where can you find another residence with gastronomic entertainment included?


Other services

  • Beach volley
  • Table tennis
  • Bike, motorbike, car and boat rental
  • Launch, accommodation and mooring of small boats
  • Custody of values
  • Convenience store
  • Coin operated washing machine
  • Internet Wi-Fi 


For information or reservations, you can call “Il Cicero” Resort at +39 0941 39551 or +39 347 9989530, use the online booking on this site or write to


Excursion service organized by reservation with departure from the seaside residence of the “Il Cicero” Resort


Destination: Aeolian Islands by boat

Distance: approximately 12 miles

The Aeolian Islands, also known as the Lipari Islands, are an archipelago of volcanic origin, located north of the Sicilian coast, which includes two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano. The archipelago has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and since 2000 it has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Reachable in just 30 minutes of navigation, directly from our tourist village, with boats driven by members of the team of the “Ambiente Liquido diving center”.


Destination: Sanctuary of Tindari

Distance: approximately 12 km

Dedicated to the Black Madonna by antonomasia and built on the promontory overlooking the small lakes of Marinello. The Archaeological Park is worth a visit, with the Greek Roman ruins of the ancient settlement of Tindarys and the splendid Greek Theater overlooking the sea and which during the summer season has a rich calendar of artistic events, concerts and theatrical works.


Destination: Etna


Distance: approximately 80 km

With its 3340 meters of altitude, Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the largest in the world. A journey in the journey, through unspoiled places and countries, suspended in time. An opportunity to see a genuine Sicily, far from the most popular tourist routes.


Destination: Cefalù

Distance: approximately 90 km

Built on a promontory and dominated by a sheer cliff, the city still retains its ancient appearance that develops around the Cathedral Basilica of the Transfiguration commissioned by Roger II. Known as the Cathedral of Cefalù, it is famous among other things for its mosaics, made by Byzantine masters from Constantinople, known for the dominant figure of Christ Pantocrator. Along the narrow streets of medieval style, there are palaces adorned with precious architectural decorations and churches that reveal its past as an important episcopal center. To see the fascinating seaside village with the ancient houses overlooking the sea and the long beach of fine sand, one of the most beautiful of the whole northern coast of Sicily.


Destination: Taormina

Distance: approximately 100 km

One of the most fascinating cities in Sicily. Built on a terrace of Monte Tauro, along the stretch of coast bordered by Capo Sant’Andrea and Capo Taormina, and between the beaches bathed by the Ionian Sea and the Peloritani mountains that surround it from north to west. Refined and elegant, with its splendid Greek Theater, it is one of the essential destinations for those visiting for the first time and not just our beloved land.


For information or reservations, you can call the “Il Cicero” Resort at +39 0941 39551 or +39 347 9989530, use the online booking on this site or write to